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For Influencers

How to get hired and start making money

The following are step by step on how to find a campaign, send in a proposal and get hired to promote that campaign. Get paid for promoting that campaign as an influener.

  • Search and find campaigns

    Search and Find campaigns

    There are two main ways for influencers to find campaigns that they can promote. 

    1. Browse campaigns by clicking on browse campaign button at the header of any page on the EarnSoko platform
    2. Enter the key word on the search bar 
  • Send in a Proposal

    Send in a Proposal

    Once you find the campaign that you find suitable to promote simply click on the apply button, log in or register for an account and then click on the send proposal button.

  • Promote and Start Earning

    Promote and Start Earning

    Promote the campaign chosen and start earning. Every time you promote the campaign send in a screen shot through chat for proof of your promotion


For Brands

How to post your Campaign for Free

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a campaign, receive proposals and hire influencers to promote that campaign. Pay influencers to promote your brand and enhance your target audience.

  • Create New Campaigns

    This is how brands can come up with campaigns they want to promote.

    1. Browse to the secondary menu once verified by clicking your user profile photo or name and click on Post a Campaign.
    2. Enter details for the campaign you want to promote including the preferred fee you want to pay influencers and publish it so that influencers can start promoting it.
  • Recieve proposals from influencers

    Receive proposals from influencers

    Once an influencer finds the campaign suitable for them, they will send a proposal to the brand. The brand will review the proposal and either approve or deny the proposal.

  • Wait for influencers to promote and expand your audience.

    Promotion and Expansion of audience

    Once influencers are approved to promote the campaign, you can track the influencers engagement as they will be sending screenshots through chat as proof of promotion.