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PaySoko Collaborative Selling (Selling together aka Splits)

  • Campaign typeCampaign type: Remote
  • Campaign Duration01 to 03 months
  • Campaign LevelCreative
  • Campaign deadlineExpired
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Campaign detail


We are looking for Influencers to market one of our PaySoko features called Payment split.

The Influencer will be targeting more than one brand that works together to create and deliver a good or service. By using payment splits the users and businesses will be able to sell products together as one and the funds will be distributed accordingly.

An example is

These are different designers that came together to sell their product as one style and when the payment happens each designer receives their payments on their phones.

Example target market includes:

  • People selling goods on IG,FB or WhatsApp
  • People providing a service
  • Debt collection and many more

The Influencer should market this on the following platforms:

  • Instagram Stories (Twice a week)
  • Instagram Reels (Once a week)
  • Still Instagram posts (Once a week)
  • WhatsApp Groups (Thrice a week)
  • WhatsApp Stories (Twice a week)
  • Twitter feed (Twice a week)
  • Facebook posts (Once a week)

The influencer should have either one of the following criteria in order to qualify:

  • Over 5,000 followers on IG or 
  • Over 5,000 followers on IG, Tik tok or 
  • At Least 3 WhatsApp Groups that fit our target market with over 100 members or
  • Get at least 300 views on their WhatsApp story status
  • Get at least 1,500 views on Instagram stories 

In order to qualify we will need to see one of the above criteria. Simply screenshot any of the criteria above and include it in your proposal.

We are paying 5,000 a week.

Start making some money now by sending us a proposal!

Industry Categories

Languages required

Influencer type required for this campaign


Campaign Completion deadline

March 30, 2023